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There are many types of boats on the Mekong and on its tributaries. Here we will present you only the boats that concern tourists. Some of them are:
- Slow boat on the Mekong River from Houeisay (Bokeo Province) to Luang Prabang via Pakbeng.
- Speed boat for the above route and on Nam Ou River.
- Small boat on Nam Ou River, travelling between Hatsa-Muang Khao-Muang Ngoi-Nong Khieow-Luang Prabang.
- Long tail boat on Nam Song River in Vang Vieng.
- Typical boat through Khong Island in Champassack Province.

Slow boat

For the route Houeisay-Pakbeng-Luang Prabang and vice-versa, it needs 2 days boat trip. There is a public boat with one departure a day. The boat will be loaded with as much as possible passengers and will stop for landing and boarding them on the way like the bus. The boat has to stop for overnight in Pakbeng. On the next day, passengers have to change the boat to Houeisay or Luang Prabang.

In our package tour, we rent the boat for the group, however if the group is of only 2-3 persons, to optimize to the cost, we propose the package of Luangxay Cruise with overnight at Luangxay Lodge. For the group above 4 pax, we rent the boat. It needs 2 days trip for the cruise up-stream or down stream on the Mekong River for the route Houeisay-Pakbeng-Luang Prabang. The group has to overnight in Pakbeng (at Phetsokxay Hotel, Pakbeng Lodge or available guesthouse depending on the request of the clients). The boat trip is very scenic. On the way we will stop for 2 visits a day: Villages, Pak Ou Caves). The lunch will be served on board.

Speed boat.

Speed boat is somehow a ā€œformula oneā€ boat, made of water-resistant ply wood with wooden hull and powerful car engine. There is no comfort indeed (can not stretch the legs), but only the speed (about 50-60 Km/hour), however now the noise of the engine is reduced with the silencer since 2007. The public speed boat will depart with at least 8 persons loaded, otherwise the pilot will ask passengers to pay extra money for departure to cover the costs. There is speed boat quay in Houeisai, in Pakbeng and in Luang Prabang for the route Houeisay-Pakbeng-Luang Prabang. From Houeisay to Luang Prabang, it will take about 6 hours (running time). On Nam Ou River, from time to time, the speed boat is available in Hatsa, in Muang Khoa, Muang Ngoi and Nong Khio. On this river people use less speed boat than small traditional slow boat. Do not forget to wear life jacket and helmet.

In our package tour, we also use speed boat, but with only 4 clients and 1 guide. Clients can stretch their legs. We have our team for the speed boats.

Traditional boat on Nam Ou River

It is a small boat made of wood (to be light) with car engine without silencer. In the front the sound of the engine is reduced. The public boat will take turn in departing as scheduled by Local Boat Association. The loading will be more than 15 persons with bagages. With the landing and loading passenger on the way, it will take 6 hours trip down stream from Hatsa Village to Muang Khoa.

In our package tour, on this kind of boat we load 8 persons with one guide maximum in the rainy season when the level of Nam Ou River is high and 6 persons in the dry season because of the waterless of Nam Ou River.

Long tail boat on Nam Song River in Vang Vieng.

One of the impressive site in Vang Vieng is the boat trip on Nam Song River. We recommend you to take a boat trip on Nam Song River on long tail boat for one hour. You will find the fantastic scenery on this small river. The boat with small engine can load maximum 2 persons. The main quay of long tail boats is in front of Nam Song Hotel and Thavonesouk Bungalow.

Typical boat through Siphandone "Four Thousand Islands" in Champassack Province.

It is highly recommend to take a boat trip through the Siphandone. The boat for the trip has its typical shape. The hull is made mainly made of wood, has round shape and its head is pointed. It is to adapt to Mekong River in that part of the country.